Domestic road transport

Road transportation – FTL / Full Load Transport

Full truck load transports (FTL - Full Truck Load) is specific kind of shipment that either uses efficiently transport parameters of the whole truck or cannot be transported with other shipments due to its nature or other specifications (pickup, delivery etc.). In standard praxis dispatchers use a term “full load” as well.

This sort of transportation bears number of important activities and services such as customs clearance in export, import and transit, warehousing, consolidation and distribution of partial shipments, insurance etc.

FTL is characterized by short delivery time with reasonable transport costs, it is therefore preferred for delivery where time is the key factor. FTL transportation is realized by one vehicle (direct, door-door), it is therefore suitable for all larger products or for goods which should not be handled frequently.


Road Transportation – LTL / Less Than Load

LTL or Less Than Truck Load (Less Than Load) is the transportation of relatively small shipments which do not use the whole loading area of the truck. This type of transportation allows to share  the capacity of the truck with other LTL shipments in the same direction in given delivery time.

This kind of transportation is fast and due to sharing of transport costs also cost-effective. The price is determined based on weight and quantity of transported goods. Important role plays not only the amount of space the shipment takes in truck but also the possibility of stacking the goods (i.e. arranging in a stack, one over another).


International road transport

International collection service

International collection service is a periodical transportation of irregular shipments between two countries. Individual shipments are collected at one or various places in the country of consignment (collecting depot) so they can be regularly sent to terminals in country of destination and then to particular consignees.

Advantage of groupage service is especially its cost-effectiveness and relatively short delivery time from shipper to consignee.

Groupage shipping cannot be used for transportation of things with extraordinary cultural or artistic value or live animals. Groupage shipping is offered by every modern logistic company.  The ability to manage the groupage shipping clearly demonstrates that the company is capable of providing complex transport service.


International LTL and FTL

Direct shipments without reloading.

We have established long-term relationships with leading carriers which allow us to react quickly to your needs.


International collection lines

Weight of shipments from 30kg to 2500 kg, delivery time according to destination.


Multimex spedition

is a member of international distribution networks (WWPC, Marco Polo Line, CTL, Palletways) associating more than 300 transport companies from 100 countries. We provide turnkey solution covering door to door services such as customs clearance, insurance or consultations (packaging methods…).

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