Air Freight

Air cargo transportation into whole world with Multimex spedition

Air freight offers the fastest connection around the world regardless of distance and size of shipment. It is the ideal choice for urgent “door-to-door “shipments, for fragile or expensive cargo or for delivery to poorly or slowly accessible destinations. Air freight can be used for shipments from 1 kg to large industrial plant. Air cargo transportation can be offered either to specific address (door to door) or to requested airport.


In general, there are several types of air freight with specific features:


Air cargo shipping

This type of transportation is suitable for heavy and bigger sized shipments. It is defined by lower price compared to express transportation, it is therefore the right choice when you prefer lower price and the standard delivery time is ok with you. It is ideal for shipments from 100kg to several tons.


Express air freight

Express air freight is being used by clients who prefer fast and smooth transportation even though they will eventually pay more. The shipment is usually delivered within 24-48 hours and premium airlines are used. This service is convenient especially for packages to cca 100-150kg.

Chart flights can be used as well, i.e. renting the whole aircraft based on customer´s demand. Specific type is “ON BOARD COURIER” transportation, when the shipment is transported by courier while on passenger flight.


Multimex spedition

Is a member of international distribution networks (WWPC, Marco Polo Line, CTL, Palletways) associating more than 300 transport companies from 100 countries. We provide turnkey solution covering other services such as customs clearance, insurance, consultations (packaging methods…).

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