Customs clearing services

We provide services in the area of customs clearance and declaration

Customs services and customs clearance with Multimex spedition

Part of forwarding services are also customs services.

If you do business abroad, there are several customs procedures which you cannot avoid. Customs services are considered complex and must follow certain legislation. Endless administration, changes of laws and regulations on daily basis, language barrier or time delays – all the problems you need to take into account. Fortunately companies like ours handle such complex issues for you.


Customs services include customs representation, issuing customs declarations in all customs procedures, securing customs debt, filling in certificates of origin and status of the goods, TIR carnets, CMRs and other documents needed in customs operations. We offer setting up customs warehouse in customer’s space, storing in customs warehouse, counseling (e.g. regarding customs classification), legal advice and representation in disputes with customs office, processing and preparation of application of authorization of economic modes or their realization.


Do you know what TIR means?

TIR or Transport Internationaux Routiers means international road transport. TIR carnet is a written customs declaration of release for free circulation under the international transit procedure, i.e.  transported goods will cross national border at least once. TIR carnet is also an important document for customs duties recovery and other charges connected with the transported goods.


Customs clearance, trade outside EU

Every commercial and under certain circumstances also non-commercial import and export with third countries (outside the European Union) is subject to duty at the customs office. Customs services therefore include also activities tied to goods clearance together with the representation at customs office (customs declaration).

Customs declaration is associated with a lot of documents, e.g. documents related to import of goods by sea and to consequent transit from dock (T1, T2, T5 and A18), documents necessary for export and preferential documents (EUR1, ATR or less often TIR Carnet, ATA Carnet).


INTRASTAT, trade within the EU

Trade within the EU and movement of goods within its Member States is recorded by the data collection system and sent in the form of statistics to the customs office. This process is called INTRASTAT.

The obligation to report data through the INTRASTAT statistical report concerns both natural and legal persons that exceed the assimilation threshold and are registered for Czech VAT. The assimilation threshold of the sum of the invoiced amounts (separately for import and export) is currently set at 12,000,000 CZK per calendar year. 


Our team of customs declarants is taking care of easy running of your shipments.


Within the frame of customs services we offer:

- Import and export clearance

- Issue of JSD, JSDd, T1, CMR, ATA carnet, TIR carnet and certificates EUR 1, A. TR

- Collection and processing of data for INTRASTAT

- Consultations regarding customs matters and INTRASTAT

- Advice on tariff quotas and on content classification

- Clients representation during whole process at customs office and INTRASTAT

- Temporary customs storage

- Complex clearance of truck, container and collection service shipments

- Arranging and processing of necessary permits

- Electronic document registration of A-AD documents in EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System)

- Processing of monthly excise tax return

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